About Us

Always we are offering a guarantee of comfort and satisfaction.

We will be available all the time, so you have a great stay and study in Slovakia.

We provide thorough and independent advice to prospective students in a speedy and professional way.


Our mission:

  • Make the information on universities and their profiles accessible to the prospect students,
  • Offer an overview of the selection criteria of the universities and colleges to the prospect students,
  • Give an advice about the study preferences which would suit the particular student best,
  • Provide   the students with advice to facilitate their settling in the country,
  • Give tips related to studying and temporary living in Slovakia,
  • Help the students with the formal part of their studies such as filling in applications and so on
    make the studying more comfortable for the students.

Our aim is:

  • To help the student graduate smoothly and return back to the home country with positive recollections of their studies in Slovakia.
  • A contented student will recommend our company to others.

Our company’s motto is:

 “Customer satisfaction is the best advertisement.”

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









01. Experience

We have 10 years of experience in the market. We provide students with services such as studying, the selection of appropriate universities, accommodation; Provide assistance in equipping required documents. If necessary, help in choosing a language course or study program, in case of need we help you to choose the right study program, solve your problem in the university or problem related with your visa or your staying in Slovakia and others.

02. Professionality

We are always at the right time at the required place, 24 hour fast and professional advice.
Our team consists of experts in various fields. The main objective is to help students to complete their studies successfully. The student may contact us at any time during his study and stay in Slovakia.

03. Guarantee

- The best of study quality
- Maximum satisvaction
- Comfort staying in Slovakia

04. Quality

Study-slovakia.com agency provides to all students one of the best universities in Europe which they guarantee the quality of teaching connected with practice. Our quality services are a set of specific, concise advices and associated services. Study-slovakia.com is working on a base of guidance and advice sourced from professional lawyers.