Student 1       

I had great opportunity to take the advantage of studying in Slovak universities which are one of the best universities in Eastern Europe. the studies was  completed in   Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice under the Faculty of medicine, it was enjoyable, teachers and stuff in the university were helpful and friendly, university also provide all student with helpful recourses which can be easily accessed in the university library or in the E library. The life in Kosice Slovakia was very interesting the people are really friendly and it is easy to make friends, in this city every day something new to do the main street full of nice restaurants and bars where you can sit and enjoy with really friendly stuff and friendly people. Cost of living in Kosice conceded as one of the cheapest cities in Eastern Europe it can be easily managed with many cheap apartments for rent and also many world leading supermarkets. Night life is amazing with some of the leading clubs and bars full of energy, easiness and creativity can satisfy everybody. No wonder people from the whole region come to the city to have fun.    


Student 2

Technical University of Kosice was an experience that can’t be forgotten, the stander of the education and teachers was higher than the expected, and teachers were helpful and available at any time needed. New knowledge has been learnt with over skilled teachers and supervisors. Living experience, There are a variety of other things that you may want to do while you’re in kosice . Here are some of the major ones.1 – enjoy the famous tourist destination High Tatras Mountain where you can see the true beauty of the mother nature which is only an hour by train from Kosice  2- although Slovakia does not bordered by sea but it has the most beautiful lakes in the world one of them is  Michalovce Sirava where you can enjoy amazing summer with easy accesses and cheap cost. 3-  it is easy to find something that you enjoy. From music festivals to a medieval marketplace, festivals of food, wine, theatre and film, through to happenings and street performance which mostly take place in the main street Hlavna Kosice and many other daily activities.


Student 3

I’m a student who finished  bachelor degree in England, then moved to Slovak Republic to carry on my studies. Slovakia is a country that I didn’t know a lot about before coming here. However after living in Slovakia  for more the tow years I can say lots of things starting up with the Technical  University of Kosice where I was studying. Technical Tniversity of Kosice has high standards, excellent studying possibilities . There are a lot of Erasmus students at the  University of Kosice,Therefore professors and students are used with having foreign students around .the teachers were really helpfull, friendly,and open-minded.

I chose studying in Eastern Europe because I wanted to discover the culture and the way of life of eastern people. Slovakian people  are very nice  and they are friendly toward strangers. Most of young people speak English well, and English is spoken in the shops. Kosice where I am studying is the secound largest city in Slovakia, it is realy  safe place, you don’t risk any trouble when you walk late at night in the city.
It is really a good experience to live abroad because you are placed in a completely different environment, and you have to „start a new life“ by adapting yourself. Moreover, you can improve your English by meeting  students  from all europe but the most intersting thing is to make slovak friends.

I am studing in Kosice  where the food is really cheap and good (there are many good restaurants in which a lunch menu will cost nearly 3.5 euros) and where the nightlife is wonderful (the beer at international bars is about 2 euros for a 50cl beer, in a typical Slovak  bar it would cost 1 euro and even less, the entrance fees for discos and parties are cheap too specially in student parties.
Moreover, Kosice is a central place in eastern Europe, therefore you can travel to anywhere either by plane,bus or travelling by train.