Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy

About UVMP

UVMP in Košice is a one faculty university providing education in bachelor study programmes, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree study programmes, which include General Veterinary Medicine and Food Hygiene.

UVMP has received an international evaluation and accreditation. The evaluation process of EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education) has been successfully completed in 2016. After the visiting experts recommended that our university be ranked among the evaluated and accredited schools, a decision was taken at the ECOVE (European Committee of Veterinary Education) on 23 November 2016.

Study programmes:

Bachelor in animal science

Duration: 3 year (6 semesters)
Language: English
Awarded Degree: Bachelor of Animal Science (“BSc”)

Bachelor study programme Animal Science is a joint study programme of Nord University in Bodø, Norway, and University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovakia. Joint study programme Animal Science corresponds to the first three years of veterinary studies. The first one and a half year are completed in Bodø. The next three semesters you’ll continue the programme here in Košice, where you’ll be introduced to veterinary medicine. Students who complete their bachelor degree in Animal Science are guaranteed transfer to further studies (3 more years) of General Veterinary Medicine at the EAEVE accredited UVMP in Košice.

General veterinary medicine:

Duration: 6 years  or 4 years in post BSc. 
Language: English
Awarded Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine („DVM“)

Preparation of graduates of the mentioned study branch is aimed on implementation of the professional orientation and proving that the graduate is fully competent to work:

  • as a private veterinary doctor
  • small/domestic animals, farm animals, exotic animals, ZOOs and game reserves
  • in the field of food safety and quality
  • in the pharmaceutical industry
  • in the research and development
  • in the field of ecology and environmental protection
  • in the field of teaching and consultancy